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Don’t waste money on ‘GAMSAT ebooks’ with photocopied slides and Wikipedia articles. Get 4 real GAMSAT preparation books by Gold Standard GAMSAT: Gamsat section 2 example essays Only Prep You NeedTM. You can’t get new insights from old editions. It’s time to get excited about learning again!

I have made during my study for the GAMSAT. I received my GAMSAT results today from the Irish sitting and obtained a 64 overall including a 66 in the science section. I completed the GAMSAT Prep course in Perth: 71 overall in the GAMSAT, with a score of 77 in the science section. From the comprehensive textbook, to the online tests, videos and forum, Gold Standard played a huge part in my 74 GAMSAT score. Especially happy with the 66 that I achieved for the writing section. The GAMSAT essay correction is excellent and I know they contributed to my good result. The GAMSAT Prep package is an invaluable studying tool.

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3rd day is to cover advanced GAMSAT topics and to apply problem-based learning to the review of the content from the VR-1 practice test. A second Full-length Proctored GAMSAT VR-2 Mock Exam features the best of Gold Standard’s GAMSAT-level practice questions. How to prepare for class What to bring to class What is problem-based learning? Every year, we do have students attending our classes with no preparation. Although all students will learn in class because of the interactive way we teach, preparing for class will help you optimise your in-class experience. If the real GAMSAT is the Olympics, Gold Standard courses represent your coach and training, and what you do at home is similar to going to the gym to work out before you come for training.

Online webinars: Dr Ferdinand has free one-hour live online monthly seminars: FREE GAMSAT Webinars. If you have particular difficulty in some area, just let us know how you are preparing and we’ll see if we can give you some advice or guidance. Of course, we do recommend that you do some reading before the course begins. One of the initial steps to understand graphs and tables is to review the GAMSAT Math chapters of the GS GAMSAT book.

Math is the basis of graphs and tables and must be understood before moving on to GAMSAT-level practice. Only after a GAMSAT Math review, you can consider the section Dr. GAMSAT-level graphs and tables, in Biology Lessons, Chapter 0: GAMSAT Biology Graph Analysis Practice Questions. Although science graphs can be very complex, it will make Section 1 tables and graph interpretation much easier. As mentioned earlier, it all begins with GAMSAT Math. All handouts are included in your course fee and will be provided on the day of the seminar.

Please bring a pencil and pen for each day of class and a notepad for your notes, calculations and diagrams. Also, please bring picture ID to the first class for registration. Students are not permitted to make video recordings of our courses. No calculators are needed since they are not permitted for the exam. However, when there is applicability to content you have just learned in class, we may briefly examine content from ACER.

Consider bringing snacks and bottled water as refreshments are not included. Handouts will only be given to the registered students in the classroom. Students learn both thinking strategies and relevant knowledge. PBL is the most popular learning technique in medical schools across the world because research has shown that students learn better and remember longer as compared to traditional lectures. Gold Standard GAMSAT is not associated nor affiliated with ACER in any way. Since problem-based learning techniques are central to modern medical curricula, GAMSAT is constructed with a major focus on the assessment of problem solving ability across a wide range of subject areas.

GAMSAT courses in Ireland, the UK and Australia. Virtually all students – regardless of academic background – participate in solving GAMSAT practice questions, and discuss responses as well as strategies. The role of the instructor is to facilitate learning by supporting, guiding, and teaching background content. Although PBL is central to the way we help to optimise your learning, it is your choice.

If you do not wish to participate for any reason, when you register for class on the morning of the seminar, please let the instructor know and we will respect your choice. BRAND NEW free 1-day bridging course: In the morning, science students can review Section 1 and 2 practice and strategies. Non-science students cover basic science to prepare for the next 2 days of review. We realise that not everyone fits cleanly in either of these categories so it comes down to a personal choice.

If you have a remote science background, little or no science in your formal university education then these are generally regarded as “Non-science Background”. Most of “Introduction to GAMSAT Graphs” involves graphs related to Biology. Our bridging course is bonus study time that you can use in whatever way benefits you most. You can attend in full or in part.