Peer evaluation essay example

This article needs attention from an expert in Psychology. The specific problem is: High Importance articles deserve attention and care from WP:Peer evaluation essay example and others knowledgeable on this topic. Psychological evaluation is defined as a way of assessing an individual’s behavior, personality, cognitive abilities, and several other domains. Modern Psychological evaluation has been around for roughly 200 years, with roots that stem as far back as 2200 B.

It started in China, and many psychologists throughout Europe worked to develop methods of testing into the 1900s. The first tests focused on aptitude. Earliest accounts of evaluation are seen as far back as 2200 B. Chinese emperors were assessed to determine their fitness for office.

These rudimentary tests were developed over time until 1370 A. Confucianism was introduced as a testing mechanism. In the 1800s, Hubert von Grashey developed a battery to determine the abilities of brain-damaged patients. This test was also not favorable, as it took over 100 hours to administer.